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iOS8 SimulatorでだけWKWebViewが動作しなかった話 - WKWebView on iOS 8 Simulator doesn't work?


WKWebViewが、iOS 8 Simulatorでだけ何も表示せず真っ白 * iOS 9 Simulatorは問題なし * estimatedProgressは、いきなり1.0 * didFinishNavigationでは、ログが出てこない


Sophos!!! なぜ、器用にiOS 9では動いてくれるか。 自分の半日が.......orz

I was developing some app using WKWebView and the properly-set webView did not load anything only on iOS 8 simulator, the iOS 9 was fine.

The webview's "estimatedProgress" was 1.0 from the beginning and there was no log shown in "didFinishNavigation" callback.

After a half day of my struggle I found out that Sophos was behind the scene.

If you are facing the same issue and ended up here, I suggest you turning off everything on Sophos and give it a try again!